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Solution If you are Redirected to Site While Surfing BSNL BROADBAND

If you are redirected by bsnl broadband to regularly and you are annoyed by this then you can block this using simple trick provided by us , Try blocking redirect on your ... Continue Reading →

CHAMPONE C1 Rs 501 Mobile Phone is Fraud Marketing Stunt After Freedom 251

ChampOne Communications India Private Limited is a fraud company which is incorporated with a purpose of promoting there apps by circulating fake news that they are providing mobile ... Continue Reading →

Facebook Photo Privacy For Tagged and Album Photos

If уоu use Fасеbооk thеrе’ѕ a ѕtrоng chance thе ѕосiаl network hаѕ more рhоtоѕ of уоu than уоur mother оr fаthеr. Sоmе users uрlоаd ѕо many рhоtоѕ ... Continue Reading →

Fix Login Failed Errors on Facebook For Android App Tinder Spotify

Facebook some time give some login error and that may happen because of cache and cookies but many apps like tinder spotify also give same type of errors and this happen because of ... Continue Reading →
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Challenge Accepted in Facebook With Black White Picture/Photo

Why are People Posting their Black and White Photos on Social Media Many people in facebook are posting black & white picture with a tag line “challenge accepted” ... Continue Reading →

How to Test Blog or Website Broken Url or 404 URL

If you have changed your blog url or website url or you have removed or redirected junk pages to 404 page and want to test the working of this url in realtime then you can test this ... Continue Reading →

Remove Date Above Posts Category, Tags, Author, Previous Article

Many bloggers dont want to display Category, Tags, Author, Previous Article Comment etc along with there blog Title or anywhere in there post and if you are one among them then you ... Continue Reading →

7 Best WordPress Plugins/Tools for SEO To Get Higher Ranking

There are lot of plugins in wordpress that claim that they will improve your website in search engine ranking , but its not true , plugin can only improve your website which support ... Continue Reading →

5 Points to Consider If you are Coding a WordPress Theme

There are some minimum standard of quality in the code of WordPress themes , If you will follow this you will not face any issue with your theme in any update of wordpress.We are adding ... Continue Reading →

Best Way to Create Big Large Youtube Thumbnail in Facebook

Video Master prefer to share youtube vidoe insted of facebook video in facebook , but due to small thumb video dont get much exposure but now if you want to share any youtube video ... Continue Reading →