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social media marketing tips

Social Media Marketing Techniques in 2015

On an average, every person on the surface of the Earth (only the ones with access to the internet) spends almost one-fifth of their day on the social media. Interactions with acquaintances, ... Continue Reading →
hd call recorder

How To Perform Conference Call Recording?

The process of recording the conversation between the two parities over the phone is called recording.  Recorded conversation is converted into digital format and it is generally MP3 ... Continue Reading →
social media to seek new opportunities

6 techniques for using social media to seek new opportunities

Social media has affected the lives of a number of people in a number of ways. One of the most important aspects of life that has been seen to be affected positively by social media, ... Continue Reading →

How to Remove Unlist your Number From TrueCaller

You have seen many user mobile number is automatically added in True caller Database and any one can find whose number is this , You can remove this from Trucaller by filling a simple ... Continue Reading →
How to disable ads for mobile

How to Disable Ads for Mobile/Tablet Devices in Adwords

If you are adword client and promoting your product using adword then you must know that by default google adword will target mobile and tablet user and if you want to remove or disable ... Continue Reading →

How to Choose the Best Plan for your Smartphone

Seleting Data plan is a Tough Job , No one Knows how and when your data plan will work you can only experience once you subscribe for that plan. Today I want to share some tips so you ... Continue Reading →

How to Add Auto Reply to Gmail From Android IOS or Desktop

If you are going to vacation and want to set auto reply to your all gmail mailers then you can easily do this using simple steps that we will share with you today .However google have ... Continue Reading →

How to Sale Android App and Transfer to Another Account

If you are looking to sale your android app and you want to transfer your app to another account then you can do this easily but remember you cannot sale your gmail account because ... Continue Reading →
a laptop computer and a pair of hi-fi headphones hanging on the side

How to Download Free Music Audio for your Video Project

If you are Looking to create your Own video and you need Free Music audio for your Video Project then you can get all those for free from youtube. Youtube provide you with an Option ... Continue Reading →

How Android App Destroyed MLA Life In India

If you are aware of call recoder app then you also need to use that because it can help you in exposing other especially when you are a government officer. We found one call recoder ... Continue Reading →