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Time Tracker, To Track When you Surfed Internet

If you work in blogger will surely spend many hours at the computer, which sometimes is bad because we do not realize the time spent surfing the Internet. Time Tracker is a Firefox ... Continue Reading →

6 Signs That Women is Using You

When we come in a relationship, the first things we want is that person to love us, as we love her, is not it? However, there are some people who like to use more than a companion to ... Continue Reading →

Shocking Facts About Sugar

Sugar is a sweet crystalline substance obtained from various plants like sugar cane and sugar beet. Consumption of sugary foods is very hard to avoid but it needs to be avoided as it ... Continue Reading →

An Insight on Including Honey in Your Diet!

People mistakenly assume that “sweetness” harms or kills but not everything “sweet” is bad for the body. Some are of great advantage just like honey, which contains natural ... Continue Reading →

Ways To Get Rid of Muffin Top

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your pair of jeans doesn’t fit anymore or your favorite t-shirt makes your belly look like a big pot? If yes, you may have ... Continue Reading →

Foods for Fighting Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is counted among the most common forms of cancer in human beings. Lung cancer is basically the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that line the air passages. These abnormal ... Continue Reading →

An Insight on Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

There are various facts and fictions in the field of weight loss and  finding the truth is a big ordeal.  Many claims have been made that coconut oil assists in weight loss and they ... Continue Reading →

A Few Important Pointers of Zinc Deficiency

Zinc is a very important mineral essential for protein synthesis and also helps to regulate the production of cells in our body’s immune system. Zinc is mainly found in the muscles. ... Continue Reading →

Myths About Monounsaturated Fats

Fats have been tagged as not so worthwhile nutrients of our food and therefore most weight loss programs, and other healthy diets exclude fats. Monounsaturated Fats are found in olive ... Continue Reading →

Useful Spices For Reducing Weight

Losing weight is one of the toughest tasks for many people. Apart from different forms of exercises and workout, there are numerous spices and herbs which can help you in losing weight. ... Continue Reading →