Pros Cons Like Dislike of Moto G Why You Need to Buy this Phone

First of all I would like to say that I don’t normally waste my time writing a review, in fact this is technically not a review but my honest opinion about the phone. I am going to refrain from praising flipkart (Oops!) in this, and I will simply write down my thoughts on the parameters which matter to me as follows (Pros or Cons you decide!):

1. The phone is a 5″, which is a perfect fit for my pocket (Always hated my HTC 826 for its size among other things.)
2. The phone has a hardy and rugged look and I feel it is a good companion for my daily use. Gorilla glass and water proof coating is the icing on the cake.
3. I listen to a lot of music and read books/news and browse on my phone and often find my phone running out of juice easily. This phone despite having a 2470mAh battery, lasted my torments quite long and still it is at 55%. Now that’s one adamant little thing.
4. I don’t really miss the lack of notification LED, in fact it’s better this way. I always found that flashing light annoying.Moto display is good enough for me.
5. Lack of bloatware and forced installed factory apps unlike Asus Zenfone, HTC (dammit ZOE!) makes it even more sexier. The phone’s UI feels smooth and fast due to stock Android.
6. Last but not the least, I need at least one 4G connection for my data usage. The other one for calling. The purpose is served, so I am happy.
So those are my views based on my requirement. Hope someone will find it useful in making an informed decision.

One Month of Review of Moto G 3rd Generation

Display :: 4/5(Color reproduction not good in some aspects)
Build Quality :: 5/5 (Really good)
Sound :: 4/5 (No Stereo speakers but its loud and clear )
Battery :: 4/5 (Last a day for normal usage and 10-15hrs for heavy usage)
Call Quality :: 4.5/5 (No call drop nothing but call recording option not available)
Heating Issue :: 3/5 (Only a bit of screen heating issue after continuous usage,where as most of phone heats a lot every time…So, it heats up but not a major issue)
Camera :: 3.5/5(Low light pictures not good)
Gaming :: 3/5 (Not suitable for high end games but can play most of games smoothly)
Android Experience :: 4.5/5 (Stock Android)

Positive Point of Moto G

1)Butter smooth experience as vanilla OS & 2GB RAM(No lags & no heating).
Always a lot of memory available to use, super memory management
2)Slow motion video (awesome one).
3)Moto display(Its much better than LED notifications)
4)Super Battery backup(after full charge used Wifi,music & others thing for continuous 5 hours & after that it’s showing 70% available)
5)Clear audio output through load speaker & superb audio output through headphone(have Sennheiser headphone)
6)Camera looks good for me..both rear & front camera provide good sharp images.
7)Except this, awesome build quality & 5 inch screen is good to hold(also fits good in pocket).

Negitive Point of Moto G

1)Headphone provided with the set is notgood.
2) Non-removable battery.
3)There is no single click mobile data On/Off, u need to through the settings to turn on/off data network.

P.S. So you can see that not much Cons you get from this device..! 😀

I will recommend all to get this phone if you love to get software updates,smooth android experience & who don’t go with the specifications only but want a good long lasting phone as this Motorola is optimized fully between H/w & S/w which you don’t get to know without using this. Go buy it

Like and Dislike of Moto G 2nd Generation

1.Screen resolution and size is up to mark
2.Performance is also very good
3.Cam clarity is Excellent
4.Sound experience is superb.


1.The battery backup is not at all upto mark.
2.While I am charging my phone touch is not working properly.
3.I can’t understand what to do the phone without USB cable.
4.My phone color is black and I got white colored headset.It looks awkward whn I wear headset.
5.Even Charger color also white.


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