Top 5 Air Conditioner Brands in India

Looking to Know Top Air conditioner Brand in India ,They are Voltas(Tata product), Hitachi ,Carrier, Bluestar ,LG India,Samsung, Now Confused Which one to choose among all those brands , Don’t need to Confuse just Pick any brand of your choice which suits your requirement but before you choose you need to know some tips to buy air conditioner .

There are different type and design of Ac in market , you need to decide first what type of Ac you need like Window AC, Split AC (again single or multi), cassette type (that sticks to the roof top), slim line type (that stands on the floor vertically) and whether the AC should act as a room heater in winter or not and of course, the selection must fall into your budget.

Split AC is the mostly use in Houses.In Ac EER (energy efficiency rating) is very important,Energy Efficiency Ratio is a measure of how efficient a particular air conditioning unit is, The higher the number, the more efficient the unit and the less it will cost each year to run.

Cooling capacity is dependent on the size of your Room ,a small room of 150 square feet may only need a 5000 BTU/Hour unit, whereas a room of 1200 square feet may need a 19,000 BTU/Hour monster.So depending on your room size choose your AC.

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