Time Date Stamp Photos on Samsung Galaxy S7 S5 S6

Check Date and Time of Photos in Android Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7

If you want to view picture photos and videos using date and time on Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 OR S5 or s4 OR ANY OTHER Samsung phone then use this steps because all samsung phone follow same method to open exif FILE, To do this open your Gallery app. For every image an EXIF ​​file information is collected and added to the photo.You can find date and time listed in that EXIF FILE

Chck above image explain how you can do view EXIF ​​file information on Samsung Galaxy S7

Remove Location information from a picture/photos in Samsung Galaxy S7

To remove location information from your photos open exif file and tap “Edit.”
Look for the minus (-) symbol in the location section, and tap to remove the location info.
Tap “Done” to save the changes.

Time Date Stamp Photos on Samsung Galaxy using Android App

You can also Try camera app called Vignette To get a date and time stamp on photos,You can use this app to Timestamp pictures with adjustable size, colour and format

If you are still confused then check this Video

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