Things you should Hide in your Computer

It’s more important than ever to keep your digital life as hidden as possible. Since password protected folders with deceptive file names to encryption, there are plenty of methods to keep sensitive information hidden.

But besides the obvious stash of porn and sexy photos, what other secret things to hide from prying eyes? Below is a list of things you should consider keeping hidden on your computer .

Gift Lists and to-do lists

This holiday season, you’re probably making a list and you check it twice. The wishlists are very useful to keep track of what is presented and what you need to buy, but do not let the weather on your computer to your friends can take a look and be informed. The same goes for to-do lists.

Tax receipts, W-2 forms, credit card statements and electronic bill

Check through your computer to see if there is a file that includes your online banking information, account numbers and other financial data. This includes looking at tax revenue, W-2 forms and statements that credit card can be saved or scanned to your computer.

Job Applications

If your coworker browse your computer, you do not want him to see the letter that you send when applying for a job at a different company. We also do not want him to be running your mouth to others in the office about your job search secret. Moreover, some companies have direct access to computers of employees and / or browsing history, so even if your bosses are not in front of you seeing what you do can keep watching what happens.

Files with PII

You’re smart to keep copies of important documents such as your social security card or passport. But you’re not smart if kept on your computer unprotected. The last thing you want is for the team ends up in the wrong hands, and put you at risk of identity theft.

Here is a list of documents you should consider keeping hidden on your computer:

  • Birth certificate
  • Documents
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Driver’s license
  • Identification cards issued by the state
  • Medical Records
  • School records

Browsing history and bookmarks bar

You can tell a lot about a person through your browsing history. If you let a friend borrow your computer to check your email, think about deleting browser history beforehand. You do not want to stumble upon an embarrassing or risque search.

Also, be sure to be aware of what sites are listed in the bookmarks bar. Most browsers will give you an option to hide the bookmarks bar.

Files with username and password

Keeping track of 50 different usernames and passwords can drive you crazy. At first, it may sound like a great idea to keep your login information in one document so you do not forget anything. But by doing this, you are risking. Hides and encrypts the document so no one can find your information.

What other things you should hide in your computer or should hide users think needs to be added? If you liked this article I invite you to share or leave your comment on whether to do more of this style, always related to technology.


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