How to Hide Last Seen Status Profile Photo in Whatsapp

No doubt whatsapp gain more popularity then facebook , people prefer to use whatsapp over facebook and it will soon break all facebook records , Whatsapp is good for many reason because of whatsapp many mobile company faces huge loses.

There are many privacy feature in whatsapp which you dont know but if you want to Impliment this then it will help you to avoid strangers like if you want to Hide your Profile Picture or Display Picture Your Last seen Information and Status from Whatsapp then you can follow below steps to do that.

How to Hide Last Seen Profile Pic in Whatsapp

Go to Setting > Account > Privacy > and Under Who can see my Personal Info Select your Prefered Privacy setting

How to Hide Blue Tick in Whatapp

Just UnTick Read Receipts Under Who can see my Personal Info and No One can see Blue Tick mark even when you read there Message.

WhatsApp Virus Priyanka

It was clear that sooner or later a virus will appear that ignited whatsapp users , the star of this week is ” Priyanka “, a virus that attacks the free messaging WhatsApp application by renaming all phone contacts without the user can do anything about it. Now, what and how does this virus to invade the application?

Virus Attack Whatsapp

How Whatsapp Virus Work

It all starts at the time when the user receives any of your contacts a new contact through chat under the name Priyanka. At the time when the user adds this person to your address book (or just curious because apparently everything seems to be in order) all the application automatically contacts change their name to this virus without the user know what is happening .

How to avoid Whatsapp Virus

The solution is very simple: you need to exercise caution when receiving new contacts through chat (as shown in the following image), and also if the new contact is named virus completely overlook the message and not add that contact at any time.

How To Delete Whatsapp Virus

First you have to delete the contact ” Priyanka “agenda, then you have to go to” Settings “from the phone and once there you access the section” Applications “. This section lists all applications that are running at that time, we must find the application of WhatsApp and click first on “Force stop” and then “Clear Data”. Problem solved!

Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Cheat Whatsapp Friends

Want to fool your friends using whatsapp conversation,Try this Fake Whatsaid android app that help whatsapp users to play prank with there friends,Whatsaid allows you to make up the Whatsapp chat in any way you want and make the world believe it! Continue reading Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Cheat Whatsapp Friends