Samsung Galaxy S7 Manage text messages on Sim Card

After whatsapp none cares about text messages You will find there are lot of promotinal sms and messages and you dont want this to store in your SIM card so to avoid this you need to follow some tips for samsung s7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Manage text messages on Sim Card

Go to setting of Samsung Galaxy S7.
Scroll down to “Applications”. Tap the entry, and then select “Messages”.
Again from settings –> text messages –> Manage messages on SIM card

You will find all text messages which are stored on your SIM card and you can now edit them. You have the option to read, delete or copy the message into the phone memory.

Hope this will help you

Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing Create Collage of Photos

If you are samsung galaxy s7 user and you want to edit photos then you can do this easily its easy and we will tell you how you can use this phone to do varius type of functions

Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing

From the Home screen, touch Apps .
Touch Gallery .
Find and touch the thumbnail of the photo you want to edit.
Display the options for the photo by touching the screen. Touch Edit.
Choose an editing option at the bottom of the screen:
Adjustment: Rotate, flip, crop, or change the size ratio of the photo.
Tone: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, or temperature of the photo.
Effects: Add a filter effect to the photo. Swipe to the left to see the full range of effects available.
Drawing: Touch Pen to select from a variety of instruments to draw on the photo.
Add image: Apply another photo to the one you are editing.
Touch UNDO to remove edits, REDO to add edits back.
Touch SAVE when you are finished. Edited photos are saved in the Photo editor album.
Touch SHARE to open the sharing options for the photo, including social media applications, nearby devices, and printers.

Create Collage of photos in Samsung Galaxy S7

In the Gallery , open the album containing the photos you want to use.
Touch MORE.
Touch Collage.
Mark the checkboxes on up to six photos you want to include.
Touch Aspect ratio, Layout, Border, Background, or SHUFFLE to customize the college.
You can also touch individual photos to swap them out or make edits. Touch and drag photos to rearrange them.
Touch SAVE when you are finished editing. Collages are saved in the Photo editor album.

Clear Google Chrome Firefox History of Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S4 S5

To clear and delete History of your SAMSUNG Galaxy follow this steps , You history is saved in your Phone browser so what ever browser you are using use steps accordingly.

For Default Internet Browser iT will Clear you Search History Data

From the home screen, tap Internet.
Tap Settings.
Tap Privacy.
Tap Delete personal data.
Tap to tick the required options.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Google Chrome

Open the Chrome app Chrome app.
Tap More More and then Settings. Under “Advanced,” tap Privacy and then Clear browsing data.
At the top, tap the dropdown under “Clear data from the.”
Choose a time period, such as past hour or past day. To delete everything, select beginning of time.
Select the types of information you want to remove.
Tap Clear data.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Firefox

Open App > Go to the History panel on your home screen.
Tap on Clear browsing history at the bottom of the History panel.
Tap OK to confirm.

How to Enable Video Calling on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

If you are looking to enable video calling feature in your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 then you can do this by following simple steps that we are sharing with you.

Tap on Applications, navigate to the Phone tab and then select Application Settings. Find the Voice over LTE Preferred tab, and activate the option. After this seting you can make a video call ,You can also refer this article for more details

Number Row Pad Gone in Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard

If you are facing this issue then you can customize this in Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard It create problem when number row disappeared from the keyboard and you will see numbers on upper row of letters to tackle this situation you need to update your phone setting

Go to Settings Tap Language and Input –> Samsung Keyboard
Scroll down to “Adjust” section.Find the option “number buttons”
Activates the slider and number buttons will again appear in your Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy No Sound or Speaker Fixed

Samsung phone have sound issue , speaker voice are very low andits ahrd to troubleshoot this issue , to handle this issue you need to find exact issue of this problem .Samsung Galaxy will ring but speaker will not work or no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc or sometime phone will stuck in headphone mode sometime headset is causing the issue so disable headset setting restart phone and then try again.

To Handle this issue you need to take some steps try performing a factory data reset.

Why there Low Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker

If still issue is there then there is possible reason that your speaker is blocked with dust , you need to clear this dust to get clear voice.Due to sweating speaker slowly get jammed and it reduce the volume of your phone.So you need to clear that. Use phone cover to avoid this issue in future.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Software Update Battery Issue

Looking to update your Samsung Galaxy S7 Software software , if yes then you canc check for updates in about section of phone and if updates is availble then you can move for updates , The latest update is Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat update and You can opt this once tht is enrolled.

But before you update i will make you clear that after update samsung phone started geting battery related issues If you get that then hard reset your phone but before that take backups of your contacts.

Show Hide Display Weather in Calendar in Samsung Galaxy S7

There are lot of apps in play store that help you in displaying Weather in Calendar in Samsung Galaxy S7 , you can also do this all you need is to follow below steps

Install S Planner app from Play store this app is helpful as it help you in deciding how you plan your holiday and trip.You can also check below video how he done that without the help of any app. this is done in samsung s5 and you can do also in samsung s7 just follow same steps in samsung s7

Add the Weather and Clock widget Samsung Galaxy S7

1. To add a widgets, touch and hold an empty area on the screen. Then touch Widgets.

Note : You can also pinch your fingers together on the screen to acces the menu.

2. Swipe to the right (or to the left) to access all available widgets until you find the Weather widgets.

3. Touch the Weather widgets to access all the widgets this category hold.

4. Touch and hold the Weather and Clock widget, then drag it to a Home screen and release it.

Note : You can adjust the size of the widget by dragging the sides of the blue frame.

5. Once the widget is set, touch the icon representing a cloud to add the weather predictions corresponding to your city.

Remove Disable Review Photos/Pictures immediately After Recording

Its very frustrating when just after click photos image appear in your screen , So if you want to disable this or remove this review pics option from your mobile phone then you can do this easily by following below steps

Open you Camera app and go to Setting , In setting Look for “Review pics/ videos” Option and Disable that to stop displaying photos pictures and videos immediately After Recording a photo or video.

Turn on/off Picture Review for Samsung Galaxy S6

To do this go to Settings page > Applications > Go to Camera In Camera settings page, tap the switch to turn on/off Review pictures as shown below

If you dont find this steps in your phones then you can do this from camera setting check below image to know where camera setting is available , To see this you need to open your phone camera.

You can follow above steps for any samsung mobile like Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S6 ,Samsung Galaxy S4 or any Android Phones

Time Date Stamp Photos on Samsung Galaxy S7 S5 S6

Check Date and Time of Photos in Android Samsung Galaxy S5 S6 S7

If you want to view picture photos and videos using date and time on Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 OR S5 or s4 OR ANY OTHER Samsung phone then use this steps because all samsung phone follow same method to open exif FILE, To do this open your Gallery app. For every image an EXIF ​​file information is collected and added to the photo.You can find date and time listed in that EXIF FILE

Chck above image explain how you can do view EXIF ​​file information on Samsung Galaxy S7

Remove Location information from a picture/photos in Samsung Galaxy S7

To remove location information from your photos open exif file and tap “Edit.”
Look for the minus (-) symbol in the location section, and tap to remove the location info.
Tap “Done” to save the changes.

Time Date Stamp Photos on Samsung Galaxy using Android App

You can also Try camera app called Vignette To get a date and time stamp on photos,You can use this app to Timestamp pictures with adjustable size, colour and format

If you are still confused then check this Video