Clear Google Chrome Firefox History of Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S4 S5

To clear and delete History of your SAMSUNG Galaxy follow this steps , You history is saved in your Phone browser so what ever browser you are using use steps accordingly.

For Default Internet Browser iT will Clear you Search History Data

From the home screen, tap Internet.
Tap Settings.
Tap Privacy.
Tap Delete personal data.
Tap to tick the required options.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Google Chrome

Open the Chrome app Chrome app.
Tap More More and then Settings. Under “Advanced,” tap Privacy and then Clear browsing data.
At the top, tap the dropdown under “Clear data from the.”
Choose a time period, such as past hour or past day. To delete everything, select beginning of time.
Select the types of information you want to remove.
Tap Clear data.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Firefox

Open App > Go to the History panel on your home screen.
Tap on Clear browsing history at the bottom of the History panel.
Tap OK to confirm.

Find and Track IMEI Number Of Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2

If you want to find IMEI number of any Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2 phones then you can find it easily in SETTING > About phone

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
Tap Settings.
Tap About device OR IN ABOUT SECTION.
Tap Status.
Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

You can find any mobile number IMEI number from setting in about section , All mobile company like NOKIA , HTC , SAMSUNG MOTOROLA , VIVO .OPPO Etc all keep there phone IMEI number in SETTING.

Find or Track IMEI number of Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2

Find IMEI/MEID Using Short code

Dial *#06# to get IMEI number of your phone in your Screen

How to Track or Trace IMEI Number of Samsung Phones

You can track IMEI number of samsung phone from samsung website Visit samsung tracking website to track imei

Samsung Galaxy No Sound or Speaker Fixed

Samsung phone have sound issue , speaker voice are very low andits ahrd to troubleshoot this issue , to handle this issue you need to find exact issue of this problem .Samsung Galaxy will ring but speaker will not work or no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc or sometime phone will stuck in headphone mode sometime headset is causing the issue so disable headset setting restart phone and then try again.

To Handle this issue you need to take some steps try performing a factory data reset.

Why there Low Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker

If still issue is there then there is possible reason that your speaker is blocked with dust , you need to clear this dust to get clear voice.Due to sweating speaker slowly get jammed and it reduce the volume of your phone.So you need to clear that. Use phone cover to avoid this issue in future.