Find and Track IMEI Number Of Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2

If you want to find IMEI number of any Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2 phones then you can find it easily in SETTING > About phone

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
Tap Settings.
Tap About device OR IN ABOUT SECTION.
Tap Status.
Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

You can find any mobile number IMEI number from setting in about section , All mobile company like NOKIA , HTC , SAMSUNG MOTOROLA , VIVO .OPPO Etc all keep there phone IMEI number in SETTING.

Find or Track IMEI number of Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2

Find IMEI/MEID Using Short code

Dial *#06# to get IMEI number of your phone in your Screen

How to Track or Trace IMEI Number of Samsung Phones

You can track IMEI number of samsung phone from samsung website Visit samsung tracking website to track imei

Samsung Galaxy J5 Charging Issue and Problems

Many Samsung Galaxy J5 users are facing many types of issue some facing heating issue while playing a game some facing problem in display , Samsung j5 is also not safe for health because of radiation issue and the reason is SAR values is quite high, another issue is Android Marshmallow it is stuffed with the annoying TouchWiz UI.

Phone takes lot of time in charging because phone don’t have any fast charging technology used in the battery ,navigational touch buttons also have some issues

Samsung Galaxy J5 Charging Issue

Now the solution for all above problem is that if you are facing battery and charging related issue then Don’t recharge your Samsung Galaxy J5 for more than 3 hours if you over charge your phone then it will destroy the life of your battery.

Samsung Galaxy J5 Charging Cables or Connector

Don’t use other phone chargers to charge your Samsung Galaxy J5 phone, this is also the reason that Samsung Galaxy J5 takes too long to charge, Also due to overcharge sometimes battery is damaged and your phone take a long time to charge.

Lower current may be supplied by charger to the battery due to aging problem. Voltage supply might not be enough to push electrons to the battery.