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Best Phones to Watch Movies and TV Shows

There was a day when a mobile phone was used to make calls and send text messages. But that day passed, and now technological advances have allowed many other functions concentrate on a touch device where we could go without making calls to use. The devices have increasingly larger screens and functions that blur the… read more »

Firefox OS against Android OS and iOS

In today’s market of mobile devices, there are two operating systems that clearly dominate the market, well above any other alternative: Android and iOS . The solutions of Google and Apple are built upon providing a large number of native apps that provide needed services to the user , and exploit the possibilities of the… read more »

How To Remotely Control Windows Computer from Android

If you have a PC and have installed some version of Windows, and also have an Android, we will teach you a few applications to remote control and open the different files as if you were on the computer. Remote control is an option when our smartphones connect to the workplace we normally use …. read more »

Login Issue Facebook and Google Play In Android Phones

Unable to Login Facebook and Google Play Many android users facing  problem in between that there phone suddenly start rejecting facebook login, now to handle this issue you need to follow few simple steps but we will also recommend you to change your facebook password before troubleshooting your phone.

Control TV From Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Remote

Have you ever imagined that you can control your Tv using your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile phone , If not then you don’t need to image because there is already a App in android market that help you to control your tv from your mobile phone.

Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Cheat Whatsapp Friends

Want to fool your friends using whatsapp conversation,Try this Fake Whatsaid android app that help whatsapp users to play prank with there friends,Whatsaid allows you to make up the Whatsapp chat in any way you want and make the world believe it!

Solve or Fix Wifi Error or Problems in Android Phones

Are you facing problem in detecting wifi in your problem , want to trouble shot your issue Just restart your phone and try again ,problem solved but you are facing this again , then Dial *#*#526#*#* to reload the wifi driver.If it doesn’t work, restart your phone and dial it once gain.

Using Voice Identify Who is Calling in Android Phones

Caller Name Talker speaks out the Incoming caller name so that you can identify who is calling without looking into your phone. And the best thing is, it is totally FREE. Caller Name Talker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller.

Open Apps in One Touch Android Phones

Toucher is a tool application specially designed for Android devices. We expanded the concept of the iPhone AssistiveTouch, and redesigned for the Android devices, both mobilephones and tablets. Toucher gathers most commonly used and needed features of Android system in this suspending point.