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Helium Backup and Its Location Where Is Android App Data Stored

If you are using helium then your data is stored on your phone but in hidden format and you cannot find location of those data using your phone before we continue further let’s discuss what is helium What is Helium Helium is the backup solution for Android dvices, It lets you backup your apps and… read more »

20 Useful ShortCodes to Test Android Mobile Phones and Devices

There are lot of Android Shortcodes which you can try to Open anything directly , But don’t use this codes if you are not aware of these because this may also slow or stop your phones. Below Code will Display Phone information Battery information Battery history Usage statistics Wifi information *#*#4636#*#* This code can be… read more »

How to Record Calls in Android Phones

If you have a need to record calls on Android I want to recommend an excellent free application called InCall Recorder , which allows them to record calls in MP3 format very simply. Use of this app is very simple, and you can select two modes of use,record calls manually (just the ones we want),… read more »

Login Issue Facebook and Google Play In Android Phones

Unable to Login Facebook and Google Play Many android users facing  problem in between that there phone suddenly start rejecting facebook login, now to handle this issue you need to follow few simple steps but we will also recommend you to change your facebook password before troubleshooting your phone.

Control TV From Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile Phone Remote

Have you ever imagined that you can control your Tv using your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mobile phone , If not then you don’t need to image because there is already a App in android market that help you to control your tv from your mobile phone.

Create Fake Whatsapp Messages Cheat Whatsapp Friends

Want to fool your friends using whatsapp conversation,Try this Fake Whatsaid android app that help whatsapp users to play prank with there friends,Whatsaid allows you to make up the Whatsapp chat in any way you want and make the world believe it!

Solve or Fix Wifi Error or Problems in Android Phones

Are you facing problem in detecting wifi in your problem , want to trouble shot your issue Just restart your phone and try again ,problem solved but you are facing this again , then Dial *#*#526#*#* to reload the wifi driver.If it doesn’t work, restart your phone and dial it once gain.

Using Voice Identify Who is Calling in Android Phones

Caller Name Talker speaks out the Incoming caller name so that you can identify who is calling without looking into your phone. And the best thing is, it is totally FREE. Caller Name Talker uses the built-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller.