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Helium Backup and Its Location Where Is Android App Data Stored

If you are using helium then your data is stored on your phone but in hidden format and you cannot find location of those data using your phone before we continue further let’s discuss what is helium What is Helium Helium is the backup solution for Android dvices, It lets you backup your apps and… read more »

20 Useful ShortCodes to Test Android Mobile Phones and Devices

There are lot of Android Shortcodes which you can try to Open anything directly , But don’t use this codes if you are not aware of these because this may also slow or stop your phones. Below Code will Display Phone information Battery information Battery history Usage statistics Wifi information *#*#4636#*#* This code can be… read more »

Control and Manage Android Device From Your PC

AirDroid is a great application that allows you to control Android from PC , resulting comfort when doing tasks from a larger screen and a keyboard. I give some examples of things you can do with AirDroid : Send and receive SMS from your computer, see your phone contacts, call log view, change the tone,… read more »

Uninstall or Remove Applications Remotely from Google Play

There is a very good news for users of Android , and the possibility to uninstall applications remotely from Google Play . This is a very useful option because it leaves us uninstall applications much more easily from our computer quick and easy. All you have to do to use this option is to go… read more »

Find out Who Uses your Android Phone Without Permission

Do you have a mother or a girlfriend who will review the phone and want to discover red-handed? With PhoneSpy will be able to do so as take pictures with the front camera whenever the device is unlocked . The good thing is that the app takes photos without the person intruding account, every time… read more »

Google Android Tool to Find Your Lost and Deleted Information

Sometimes we have the misfortune of losing the phone or we stolen, but luckily today and there are all sorts of tools to find stolen Android quite easily. The good news is that Google was thinking about that and offer a new tool that will allow us to locate our lost Android and even erase… read more »

How to Record Calls in Android Phones

If you have a need to record calls on Android I want to recommend an excellent free application called InCall Recorder , which allows them to record calls in MP3 format very simply. Use of this app is very simple, and you can select two modes of use,record calls manually (just the ones we want),… read more »

Android to Find Who is Tracking’ your Mobile Phone Activity

Safety is important, nobody likes to be spied and mobile terminals are a tool to spy on us.  Some developers are using applications to help users control over access to their smartphones, so an application called Who is tracking track all those apps . Who is tracking is ideal for malware and also for those apps that install… read more »