How to Start Domain and Web Hosting Business

There are many ways to earn money online but If you want to earn regular money from internet business then web hosting and domain business is the best work you can do , You only need to work hard in begining and invest some money and your hosting business will start with in a day.

If you dont know anything about domain and web hosting then you need some technical knowledge for this and you can learn this by exploring some tutorial available on internet like what is web hosting , how to register Domain Name ,How to change name server ,How to reset domain DNS, How to install wordpress in web hosting ,how to create sql database and many other small query.

If you are aware of all this then you can start your web hosting business by Joining reseller club domain and hosting account .

Resellerclub allows there clients to sell gTLDs & ccTLDs ,Web Hosting ,Multi-Domain Hosting ,Premium Domains ,Single Domain, Email ,Dedicated Servers ,Personal Email, Managed Servers ,SiteLock ,VPS Hosting, SSL Certificates, Website Builder and many other useful things.

How to Join and Start Domain and Web Hosting Business

Before you Join this Go through Reseller club Product Pricing Slab ,

Slabs are The Domain Reseller Program follows a slab-based pricing structure through which we can offer you better pricing based on the volume of business you do with us.

If you are starting your business, you can choose to opt-in for our ‘Base Slab’ by making a Fully Usable Deposit of Rs. 4500 into your account. At the ‘Base Slab’, you get it’s respective pricing. As your business grows, and as you deposit more money into your Reseller Account, you will automatically be moved up to a higher slab. When you reach a new slab, you get better pricing.

Remember, you can also choose to start your business directly at the best slab by depositing Rs. 1,20,000 into your ResellerClub account.

Once you decided that go for Signup and deposit your slab amount and reseller club will activate your account and provide you with demo url directing to your panel. Now ypu need to redirect that to your domain.


Reseller Club Provide you with Fully Customizable Storefront to Help You Sell using your own domain ,You can Modify the HTML, CSS, Images and Content. Ensure that your Brand Stands Out.Offer Discounts, Bundle Products & Upsell Discounted Products,A Feature Rich & User-Friendly Shopping Cart that Gives Customers a Seamless Buying Experience,50+ pages of Readymade Editable Content to Help Enhance your SEO Score,Use a Template which Specifically Offers the Products you wish to Sell,Pre-translated in 8 International Languages. Easily Add your own Translated Languages

Best part is you will get 24×7 Support and The Easiest Payment Options to Fund your Account.

Reseller Club WordPress and WHMCS

If you are looking to design and develop your own website and want reseller club to work in background then that is also possible using WHMCS , you can pick any wordpress or html template available on internet and link


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