Search and find photos of Instagram with Findegram

Many photos seekers based on the popular social network Instagram. Many do not make it much easier your search, nor makes a real relationship and geographically specific topics.

Findergram presents a way to search for photos instantly and in real time . To give you the opportunity to take a step Instagram and instantly be able to follow events and photos of friends or acquaintances. For me it would be like to give it a more social network as we are accustomed to Facebook and Twitter.

Search PHOTOS instagram

With Findergram you can find photos in real time to give the button simplicity REAL TIME . The default appears in off . The search works from the labels that we add to the photos when we make from Instagram. The real-time search for me is a great help to be ordered by time when the photos were made. But Findergram not only an Instagram photo search in real time, but it also allows us to see where the photos are done marking it on a map . To say that the map function is still in beta , but it works properly. To access the map have to login to Instagram and give ourselves permission to Findergram so you can relate the photos of your contacts and events that use this service to share photos.

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  • Hi Vishnu,

    I don’t use instagram I heard once you have ’em they OWN copyrights in your photo so I never used them.

    Finder gram is new to me tho.