Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing Create Collage of Photos

If you are samsung galaxy s7 user and you want to edit photos then you can do this easily its easy and we will tell you how you can use this phone to do varius type of functions

Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing

From the Home screen, touch Apps .
Touch Gallery .
Find and touch the thumbnail of the photo you want to edit.
Display the options for the photo by touching the screen. Touch Edit.
Choose an editing option at the bottom of the screen:
Adjustment: Rotate, flip, crop, or change the size ratio of the photo.
Tone: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, or temperature of the photo.
Effects: Add a filter effect to the photo. Swipe to the left to see the full range of effects available.
Drawing: Touch Pen to select from a variety of instruments to draw on the photo.
Add image: Apply another photo to the one you are editing.
Touch UNDO to remove edits, REDO to add edits back.
Touch SAVE when you are finished. Edited photos are saved in the Photo editor album.
Touch SHARE to open the sharing options for the photo, including social media applications, nearby devices, and printers.

Create Collage of photos in Samsung Galaxy S7

In the Gallery , open the album containing the photos you want to use.
Touch MORE.
Touch Collage.
Mark the checkboxes on up to six photos you want to include.
Touch Aspect ratio, Layout, Border, Background, or SHUFFLE to customize the college.
You can also touch individual photos to swap them out or make edits. Touch and drag photos to rearrange them.
Touch SAVE when you are finished editing. Collages are saved in the Photo editor album.


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