SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 Problems Battery Life Heating Issue

There are some default problem with SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 phones which we want to share with you, This phone is expansion of Samsung galaxy J7 model

Fingerprint sensor issue in SAMSUNG Galaxy On8

In SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 Fingerprint will not work because a device is not supporting this feature so no fingerprint app will work on this device.

Quick Battery Charging Issue in SAMSUNG Galaxy On8

SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 is not recharging quickly as there is no such technology used in the phone, but our tip is not to recharge your mobile phone for more than 3 hours if you ant to protect your phone battery and avoid battery issue in future.

SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 Gorilla Glass

No gorilla glass is used in SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 WHICH IS another major problem or issue of phone

SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 Heating issue

If you are facing the heating issue in SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 then try to Remove sim and sd card. Restore to factory setting. Update software and this will solve your problem.

How to Save Battery in SAMSUNG Galaxy On8

You can save battery of this phone using below setting
Open “Apps” Go to “Settings” scroll to “System”
Tap “Battery” > “Power saving mode” switch to “ON”
Select battery percentage at which the mode should turn on automatically

SAMSUNG Galaxy On8 Ringtone volume Low

Another major issue of this phone is Ringtone volume is very low and you cannot do anything for this the only solution for this is to put your phone in vibration.

Some other issues of this phones include No led notification. No lights on navigation key.and You cannot play high-end games


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