Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Problems since Update

All Samsung phone after getting update started getting problem some phones become slow some phone battery started discharge very fast some started getting touch screen issue and some have keypad issue, notification issue, and many other issues

Now, what is the solution for all this problem if any Samsung Galaxy user started getting this type of problems, WE are listing solution for all these problems in below points just follow them and your will again started working smoothly.

Format your Samsung Galaxy phone

You can format your Samsung Galaxy phone to solve your problem, many updates require hard reset because updates are not rolled properly and this require hard rest your phone. so doing this will solve your 50% of problems.

Perform a Wipe cache partition

We have mentioned on our website previously that performing Wipe cache partition will resolve hanging issue of the phone.But you must be careful while performing this update.

Battery Related issue

If your phone is 2-3-year-old and its getting charging issue then change your battery because due to overcharging your battery life reduced to half , and in future don’t recharge your phone for more then 3 hours.


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