Remove Disable Review Photos/Pictures immediately After Recording

Its very frustrating when just after click photos image appear in your screen , So if you want to disable this or remove this review pics option from your mobile phone then you can do this easily by following below steps

Open you Camera app and go to Setting , In setting Look for “Review pics/ videos” Option and Disable that to stop displaying photos pictures and videos immediately After Recording a photo or video.

Turn on/off Picture Review for Samsung Galaxy S6

To do this go to Settings page > Applications > Go to Camera In Camera settings page, tap the switch to turn on/off Review pictures as shown below

If you dont find this steps in your phones then you can do this from camera setting check below image to know where camera setting is available , To see this you need to open your phone camera.

You can follow above steps for any samsung mobile like Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S6 ,Samsung Galaxy S4 or any Android Phones


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