Problems Calling and Receiving calls In Amazon Prime G4 Firmware?


Love the phone, everwhere but at my house. For some reason, it randomly loses the ability to make or receive calls. I'm on new AT&T service, my wife has an iPhone 7 with no problems whatsoever, and I have lived here for 21 years and never had a problem making a cellular call on any carrier with any other phone. This does not seem to be a problem as far as I can tell anywhere else. I appear to have full signal strength. Text and data are not affected. People call and my phone does not ring, I call out and the phone does nothing (no noise at all, just silence) for about a minute and then I get a disconnect beep. Other times it will work with no problem. I've done the following: -Spent hours on the phone with AT&T and Motorola. -Factory wiped the phone and tried again with no apps installed. -Had Amazon send me a replacement phone. -Had AT&T replace the SIM, this time with a full-size SIM. Has anyone else had issues like this? I am ready to return the phone altogether. Thanks.

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