Pros Cons Like Dislike of Honor 4X Why You Need to Buy this Phone

I have HONOR 4X in flash sale on 6 April 2015. So, its about 1.5 month completed of use, still doesn’t found any issue…
Played around with my honor 4x and most of time with the camera.
Things that I liked:
– Display quality is good. But I am not stunned though, as I have see many HD and Full HD display. 100% justification done by Honor 4X
– Lock screen wallpapers. Everytime I unlock, it shows new wallpaper. The wallpaper selection is very good and there are tons of wallpapers available within the OS
– Camera Lens. The camers is able to produce great shots in day light, good photos during sunset. At night, I got decent quality pics, but I need to practise by tweaking the settings.
– I’ve never seen such a great depth of field in the closup shots by any mobile camera. Honor 4x Just rocks in this aspect.
– The closup photos are very sharp which is great.
– The photo stitch in panorma mode is accurate
– Some good options in the camera app like motion tracker, Bulb mode, zero shutter lag. (its funny that the Burst Shot spelling appears as Best Shot)
– Theme Support
– Navigation is smooth and didnt faced any hanging or heating issues yet
– Build Quality
– zero bloatware
– The speaker clarity and loudness. the placement of the speaker is good.
– I want to specifically mention on the build quality of the headphones. I am impressed with the quality of the headphones wire as it is a tangle free (some sort of hard plastic) although not a flat cable type.
– Packaging of the box is outstanding. It was pleasure unboxing such a package
Things I didnt liked:
– the position of rear camera. As it is located in the extreme top corner, people will tend to cover up the lens with fingures quite often.
– Though I am a big techno geek and can use any software without hazzles, for the first time I felt that I need to practise on the EMUI. EMUI definitely requires some time for learning and get used to it.
– The photo editor is inconvenient to use. The design is not good. Not a problem though, I always use Pixlr for Photo editing
– Noticed that the camera app is getting confused in focusing while taking landscape photos in auto mode. You need to tap on the screen twice or thrice to focus. You need some practise to get sharp landscape photos.
– I did not get a sharp photo in panorma in my first attempt. I need to try another time
– The camera app design could have been better. It is too much simple.
– The settings show up in a black text in white screen. May be I got used to the settings in white text on a black background.
Things yet to test:
– Call quality
– Network stability
– Gaming
– yet to explore the tweaks
I will try to update some more things tomorrow. Unfortunately, I just have one more day to have the honor 4x with me. I am going to make it a gift pack as I want to gift it to my wife.
As I know photography a lot and have a Canon DSLR, I think I judged the camera quality very well.


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