Pros Cons Like Dislike of Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

15000 segment best smartphone ever for camera & battery I would give sensible and honest feedback so here are my early findings –

The body of the phone is excellent as it Silver panel gives you a premium kind of look which you can always proudly hold it.

Battery – Battery Back up is excellent, i have been doing a fair bit of playing with all features during the day. Battery consumption is less and can be used one day on normal use.

Camera – I have taken lots of pictures in different environments in day light and in dark and so far i am very impressed very nice sharp pictures with brightness, low light shots are even better than Samsung Galaxy Phone

Processor – i have had loads of apps and games open at the same time and have not noticed one single stutter or freeze !

Screen and display – Gorilla glass seems to be very good, performs well in direct sunlight – out of the sun its fantastic – vibrant, crystal clear and true to natural colors !

Gaming – graphics – pretty decent…didn’t notice heating in low – mid requirement games…dint install high end games,
as i really wont use them. clash of clans, Asphalt 8, Real racing 3, angry birds, subway surfer and shadow fight 2 run smooth.

Sound- sound: sufficiently loud, might not be as loud as others, still serves the purpose of ringtones and watching videos with adequate detail. could be better.
Sound over headphones is really good. The ringtone is hardly audible from next room. Audio Engine is average.

It comes with a fast charger in the box and reaches 100% charge in 1 hour 40 min from 10 percent !

Call quality is good

It have 16 GB internal storage.. Out of which u can use around 10 GB. ( good for gamers).. it also supports 64 GB microsd,
so their will not be any problem for users to put more data ! ( even apps are directly installed into microsd)

OTG supported, can connect to wireless game-pads to play games too.

Anyone that has ordered this phone will not be disappointed its a beast !

Pros of Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

1) Gr8 Display compared it with 40k htc m8.
2) UI is good.
3) Camera is not a concern for me.

Cons of Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML

1) Music lags with multitasking it happens every time (did anyone face the same prob ? … its really a very serious problem with this phone… where as i didn’t feel any lagging while playing heavy games like mortal combat,fifa 2015,death trigar
2) Call quality is worse with call drop about 10 times in a day…you need to push it hard on your ears to listen something.
3) No earphones though they are providing handset with Asus zenfone 5 they should provide it with this phone also as their is a huge price difference between two.
4) Proximity sensor stop working afterwards no light signal is coming up while charging.
5) Pathetic Charging with USB or any other portable charger.
6) Last and most problematic issue with this phone as display goes black during phone calls and it doesn’t turn on until i use its power button .


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