Xiaomi Mi Pad Full Review Pros and Cons

Xiaomi Mi Pad has the best hardware for price.Coming from a Nexus 7 2013 32GB (see my review there too!) and HTC One M8 I had my benchmarks set high for this.The processor,GPU,display,speakers and overall build are much beyond this price range.But I personally didn’t like MIUI much, though your opinion may vary.

Now after using it for a few days:

Pros of Mi Pad

1. Ultimate gaming experience: throw any game at it, it would handle it.
2. Beautiful Screen: Nothing beats it.
3. Hardware Specs: Unmatchable at this price
4. Good Battery life: Would last 1.5 – 2 days in normal usage.

Cons of Mi Pad

It is very well known that MIUI is not well written for speed and is very sluggish compared to a clean android experience. But the quality of software on the MIPAD is another low altogether. There are so many hardware/software bugs and crashes. The one which bother me the most is the issue with the buttons at the bottom of the screen . They do not work most of the time . You will have to press several times or press it hard to work.

The “smartcover” mode is broken. It will turn off the screen even when you fold the cover behind the device. This will happen even if you tun off the smartcover mode.

The MIUI devs prioritize adding more features and the “look” of the UI rather than fix the bugs no matter how important the bugs are. This is proven by the fact that this device has been sold for almost 1 year and still so many bugs exist.

1. Back is really really slippery, I hope flipkart releases a decent cover as soon as possible, or it would definitely fall from my hand and break. You have to be really careful with the tablet.
2. MIUI: It is a disaster, of all I heard about the MIUI. The software on this tablet is a joke. I have had better experience with my 3 years old HTC Explorer(ran android gingerbread).
3. Heating Problem: Heats up a lot when playing hardcore games.
4. Apps do not move to external SD Card: If you are patient then it’s better to wait for 64 gig version.

The Cons in any way do not shadow it’s pros. However it has been since a year the mipad has been released and still they haven’t come up with a solution to the so called software. It it is safe to assume that they won’t rectify the whole lot of problems in their MIUI.


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  • I’d never heard of Mi Pad before. I hope they improve on some of the “cons” you’ve mentioned, because it sounds like a great device!

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