How to Enable Video Calling on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7

If you are looking to enable video calling feature in your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 then you can do this by following simple steps that we are sharing with you.

Tap on Applications, navigate to the Phone tab and then select Application Settings. Find the Voice over LTE Preferred tab, and activate the option. After this seting you can make a video call ,You can also refer this article for more details

Find and Track IMEI Number Of Samsung Galaxy S7 S5 S6

If you want to find IMEI number of any Samsung Galaxy S7 phones then you can find it easily in SETTING > About phone

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
Tap Settings.
Tap About device OR IN ABOUT SECTION.
Tap Status.
Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

You can find any mobile number IMEI number from setting in about section , All mobile company like NOKIA , HTC , SAMSUNG MOTOROLA , VIVO .OPPO Etc all keep there phone IMEI number in SETTING.

Find or Track IMEI number of Samsung Galaxy J7 J5 and J2

Find IMEI/MEID Using Short code

Dial *#06# to get IMEI number of your phone in your Screen

How to Track or Trace IMEI Number of Samsung Phones

You can track IMEI number of samsung phone from samsung website Visit samsung tracking website to track imei

Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 Data Usage Using a Lot of Data

If you phone is consuming lot of data and you are uaware of this then you need to set data limit in your phone and restrict all other apps that are running background process.

This problem also occur because of operator , check with mobile operators why your phone is consuming lot of data check your Settings -> Connections -> Data Usage should reveal which app used your mobile data.

Try My Data Manager App from the Play Store

Check at what time your maximum data is consumed.

Your phone has an option specifically for managing mobile data usage:

From the home screen, tap Apps.
Scroll to and tap Settings.
Tap Data usage. You will see a graph displaying your monthly mobile data usage.
Tap to enable the Set mobile data limiy switch.
An orange bar will appear in the data usage graph. Tap and slide the bar to your monthly mobile data limit.
Tap Restrict background data.
Tap OK.
Tap the Back key to return to Settings.

Applications left running in the background can sometimes use mobile data. It is recommended to periodically check for and close running applications:

From the home screen, tap the Recent Apps key.
Swipe an app to either side to close it, or tap CLOSE ALL.
If needed, press the Home key when finished.

How to Save Data in Samsung Galaxy S7

Disable Sync in your drop down Quick Access Menu: This will disable applications from auto-updating such as email
Take advantage of Power Saving modes available
Check social app like facebook twitter whatsapp etc , this apps eats lot of data , you must disable auto image and video download from whatsapp setting.

Samsung Galaxy J2 Problem Not Registered on Network Charging Issue

If you are Samsung j7 user then may be you ae facing some problem relates to network software updates, apps, and anything, we are here listing some issues related to that problem and solution as well. Hope it will help you

Samsung J2 Network Problem

Samsung J2 is creating problem while calling and when user activate Data this issue appear anytime in between and this is related with data which is resolved automatically when you restart you phone , You can also resolve this issue by updating your Device Go to Setting– About device- Software Update – Update , If its already updated then Try to restart your phone or reboot your phone.

Registered On Network Problem “Solved”

You will also see error not registered on network when you try to make a call or text to solve this issue follow below steps
Go to Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network Operators
Select Either Your own network oR Select Automatically

Samsung Galaxy J2 J200f Not Charging Connector Battery Problem

If you are facing charging problem in your samsung phone then my suggestion is to check your battery first, if the battery is heating very quickly then there must be an issue with your battery.If battery shape is changed and it’s slightly round in flat surface then you need to change your battery.

How to avoid battery charging issue

Don’t over charge your phone, if you over charge your phone then battery will lose his life so dont charge your phone for more then 2 hour

Number Row Pad Gone in Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard

If you are facing this issue then you can customize this in Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard It create problem when number row disappeared from the keyboard and you will see numbers on upper row of letters to tackle this situation you need to update your phone setting

Go to Settings Tap Language and Input –> Samsung Keyboard
Scroll down to “Adjust” section.Find the option “number buttons”
Activates the slider and number buttons will again appear in your Samsung Galaxy S7 Keyboard.

Samsung Galaxy No Sound or Speaker Fixed

Samsung phone have sound issue , speaker voice are very low andits ahrd to troubleshoot this issue , to handle this issue you need to find exact issue of this problem .Samsung Galaxy will ring but speaker will not work or no sound at all for calls, apps, music etc or sometime phone will stuck in headphone mode sometime headset is causing the issue so disable headset setting restart phone and then try again.

To Handle this issue you need to take some steps try performing a factory data reset.

Why there Low Sound in Mobile Phone Speaker

If still issue is there then there is possible reason that your speaker is blocked with dust , you need to clear this dust to get clear voice.Due to sweating speaker slowly get jammed and it reduce the volume of your phone.So you need to clear that. Use phone cover to avoid this issue in future.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Software Update Battery Issue

Looking to update your Samsung Galaxy S7 Software software , if yes then you canc check for updates in about section of phone and if updates is availble then you can move for updates , The latest update is Samsung Galaxy S7 Android Nougat update and You can opt this once tht is enrolled.

But before you update i will make you clear that after update samsung phone started geting battery related issues If you get that then hard reset your phone but before that take backups of your contacts.

Change TouchWiz Themes On Samsung Devices Samsung Galaxy S6

In Last post we have mentioned how you can remove Touchwiz from your samsung device If you are looking to change your Samsung Galaxy S6 TouchWiz themes gallery then you can watch below Video, it will help you doing this but before that, we will tell you what this theme is, This TouchWiz themes help you customize the design and the colors of TouchWiz interface of your Samsung phone.

You can select from many different themes, different wallpapers, icon, and colors. View below video to find how you can change the Samsung Galaxy theme of theTouchWiz user interface.

You can also Download Samsung Devices Themes from the store.Also read how you can speed your slow Samsung galaxy S6

Remove TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy With Stock Android

If you don’t like Touchwiz in your phone then you can easily disable TouchWiz on Samsung Galaxy With Stock Android and for this you need to watch below video but touchwiz have lot of option like touchwiz themes and features which is supported by many apps so think wisely before you remove it

Many users find it frustrating and prefer stock Android experience in their smartphones for those user this post and video is very helpful , you can try this and remove TouchWiz on your Samsung Galaxy.

Advantage of Using Stock Android in Samsung Galaxy

Stock Android is the small version of the highly customize-able Android OS. It is easier to use, has all the basic features of a mobile OS, and has same functionality on all the phones. Thus, for newbies, it is convenient to enhance their smartphone experience, offering them graphical ease of use.

Another Advantage is that it makes you look cool among your Android geek friends. And probably a speed/storage boost if you have a slow phone.

How To Find IMEI Xiaomi REDMEI Note Invalid IMEI

If you want to find IMEI number of any REDMEI Note 2 3S 4 5 phones then you can find it easily in SETTING > About phone

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
Tap Settings.
Tap About device OR IN ABOUT SECTION.
Tap Status.
Scroll to and view the IMEI number.

Find IMEI/MEID Using Short code

Dial *#06# to get IMEI number of your phone in your Screen

Solving INVALID IMEI problem on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 2