3 Major Problems of Lenovo Vibe K5 Note

If you are planning to buy Lenovo Vibe K5 Note then you must be aware of Lenovo Vibe K5 Note problems.First of all these is chinese Product and this phone is best for 4G users.

Authorized Lenovo Service Centre

Most important is how this company is providing services , You will face problem in finding an authorized Lenovo service centre for lenovo because service center for laptops and mobiles are different.

Touch Screen Issue after Some months

You will face problem in touch screen because after few months of use – screens move rapidly and random apps will be clicked it will not happen in all Lenovo Vibe K5 Note but it will happen if you use it to play a games and the reason behind this is cheap processor.

Finger scanner automatically stopped working

There is some issue in Finger scanner, sometime it stopped working automatically because of low processor in phone.

You will face some problem like process.com.andriod.phone has stopped ,for this you need to restart your phone or need to format your phone.

You will also see problems related to SIM Card slot and speaker some issue

5 Problems of Lenovo K6 Power

Lenovo K6 Power is 5 inches Full HD Display 13MP Primary Camera and 8MP Front 4000 mAh Li-Polymer Battery with 3 GB RAM | 32 GB ROM | Expandable Up to 128 GB Its a Budget phone, but there are some problem as well in this phone which you must be aware of We are listing those 5 Issue with you

Low Brightness Level

Lenovo K6 Power has some brightness issue, when you use this in direct sunlight then it will create a problem. So if you want to use this phone in sunlight, then this is not the good option for you.

Inbuild Battery

You cannot remove battery from this phone , because its inbuild in phone, so in case of any battery related issue you need to go to customer care .

No Default Gallery App

No default gallery app for this phone, you need to download and use the third party from play stored, Mobile which is another major drawback of this phone.

Charger is of Large Size

Charger that you will get along with this Lenovo K6 Power phone is very large so it may create problem when you carry this in your pocket.

Hybrid Sim Tray

Hybrid Sim tray works both as a SIM card slot and a microSD card slot and in Lenovo K6 Power so you can insert 1 Sim & 1 Memory Card or Both Sim cards

Headphone Quality

Headphone quality is not as good as you think ,so if you want to use headphone with this phone then this phone headphone will not fits you.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Phone Problems since Update

All Samsung phone after getting update started getting problem some phones become slow some phone battery started discharge very fast some started getting touch screen issue and some have keypad issue, notification issue, and many other issues

Now, what is the solution for all this problem if any Samsung Galaxy user started getting this type of problems, WE are listing solution for all these problems in below points just follow them and your will again started working smoothly.

Format your Samsung Galaxy phone

You can format your Samsung Galaxy phone to solve your problem, many updates require hard reset because updates are not rolled properly and this require hard rest your phone. so doing this will solve your 50% of problems.

Perform a Wipe cache partition

We have mentioned on our website previously that performing Wipe cache partition will resolve hanging issue of the phone.But you must be careful while performing this update.

Battery Related issue

If your phone is 2-3-year-old and its getting charging issue then change your battery because due to overcharging your battery life reduced to half , and in future don’t recharge your phone for more then 3 hours.

How to Perform Wipe Cache partition in Samsung Galaxy S6 – SOLVED

Its very easy to Perform Wipe Cache partition in Samsung Galaxy , If your phone is facing issues like it becomes very hot while using apps battery runs out of power quickly and sometime screen goes black etc. then you must try below solution for your problem.

Power off the Samsung Galaxy S6.
Hold the power off, volume up and the home button all at the same time.
After some seconds, the Galaxy S6 will vibrate once and the recovery mode is started.
Search for the entry called “wipe cache partition” and start it.
After a few minutes the process is complete and you can restart the Galaxy S6 with “reboot system now”.


Black Screen of Death (BSoD)
Slow performance of apps
Lag in the User Interface
Apparently random errors and failures

Oppo Phones F1 Notification Problem

Many oppo users are geting notification issues and they are looking for solution , Oppop users are not getting notification from Whatsapp News app at right time , sometime it is stucked in between and you need to take measure to trouble shoot this issue and you can do this simply in few steps

Oppo Phones Whatsapp Notification Problem

Start whatsapp, From home open Settings > App management and in the “Running” tab you will see whatsapp. In padlock icon, press it and it will turn green. This locks the app in memory and prevents it being closed automatically to save power and memory.

Try this setting hope that works.

Check all the security and power saving settings. The phone will freeze apps in the background or with screen off to conserve power,OR Go security center and turn off the”data saving”function.

Oppo F1 s Notification Led Light Issue Solved

Fix “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” Error On Android SOLVED

If you are geting “Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped” Error On Android phone then dont worry we will provide you with solution.This solution work in 90% of phones.

Why this problem appear in your phone

Main reason for appering this issue in your phone iswhen it fail to update firmware
when phone fail to update software or major modifications to data or after a data restore or after upgrading to the latest versions of Android.

To solve this you can follow this steps

Clear cache of your mobile phone , you can hard reset your phone by taking backup of your contacts stored in your phone
Another way is to Wipe cache partition on your Android smartphone .
To do wipe partition follow this

Power off the Phone.
Hold the power off, volume up and the home button all at the same time.
After some seconds, the Galaxy S6 will vibrate once and the recovery mode is started.
Search for the entry called “wipe cache partition” and start it.
After a few minutes the process is complete and you can restart the Galaxy S6 with “reboot system now”

Clear Cache and Data on the Phone App

This method has also been known to be quite effective.
Go to Settings> All Apps Scroll down until you find Phone
Tap on it and then select “Clear Cache” option. If the problem still persists, repeat the process but also include “Clear Dara ”
Reboot your device to effect the changes. Clear Cache and Data on the SIM Toolkit

Video Unfortunately the process com.android.phone has stopped

CHAMPONE C1 Rs 501 Mobile Phone is Fraud Marketing Stunt After Freedom 251

ChampOne Communications India Private Limited is a fraud company which is incorporated with a purpose of promoting there apps by circulating fake news that they are providing mobile phone for Rs 501 , Indian Government need to takes action against this company for misguding user with there fake promotional offers.They are indirectly asking money for placing this order and which is non-refundable in case they fail to deliver this phone.

ChampOne Communications India Private Limited Details

Company CHAMPONE COMMUNICATIONS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated on 27/05/2016 and having 2 partner AMIT MATHUR and NAVEEN GEHLOT with authorised capital of Rs 11 lakh ,CIN number of company is U52599RJ2016PTC055084

Why we think this is fraud marketing stunt because both person have zero knowledge IN mobile industry even website having link in botton of web devlopment company WHICH I THINK IS A PART OF THERE PLAN TO PROMOTE THERE WEBSITE , many part of website is unprofessional, they are selling there Champ1 Clean Master Android App TO TAKE ORDER which is a marketing stunt to promote there mobile app , people will install there app for Rs 500 mobile phone and in return they will be fooled.

They are cheating user by making them pay Rs 51 by asking them to install there paid app to get SERIAL NUMBER ,WHICH USER CAN USE to Order this phone.


I request all other news portal guys , bloggers and all other people who are promoting this news , not to misguide there user by publishing this type of fake news without any confirmation , if it is possible to launch any smartphone in Rs 501 then there are many mobile company who have already done this possible.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing Create Collage of Photos

If you are samsung galaxy s7 user and you want to edit photos then you can do this easily its easy and we will tell you how you can use this phone to do varius type of functions

Samsung Galaxy S7 Photo Editing

From the Home screen, touch Apps .
Touch Gallery .
Find and touch the thumbnail of the photo you want to edit.
Display the options for the photo by touching the screen. Touch Edit.
Choose an editing option at the bottom of the screen:
Adjustment: Rotate, flip, crop, or change the size ratio of the photo.
Tone: Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, or temperature of the photo.
Effects: Add a filter effect to the photo. Swipe to the left to see the full range of effects available.
Drawing: Touch Pen to select from a variety of instruments to draw on the photo.
Add image: Apply another photo to the one you are editing.
Touch UNDO to remove edits, REDO to add edits back.
Touch SAVE when you are finished. Edited photos are saved in the Photo editor album.
Touch SHARE to open the sharing options for the photo, including social media applications, nearby devices, and printers.

Create Collage of photos in Samsung Galaxy S7

In the Gallery , open the album containing the photos you want to use.
Touch MORE.
Touch Collage.
Mark the checkboxes on up to six photos you want to include.
Touch Aspect ratio, Layout, Border, Background, or SHUFFLE to customize the college.
You can also touch individual photos to swap them out or make edits. Touch and drag photos to rearrange them.
Touch SAVE when you are finished editing. Collages are saved in the Photo editor album.

Stop Disable Automatic Software Firmware Update Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Android

By default, Samsung Galaxy S6 is set for automatic FIRMWARE updates for software, but it updates only when you have the wifi connection, it will not update from your mobile data connection. So if you want to disable software updates from Samsung Galaxy S6 then it is very simple steps to enable disable Firmware or Software Updates in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.You can also do it by going to

Steps to Stop Firmware Update in Samsung S6

Home Screen > Menu > Settings >About device > Software Update Look for the “Automatic update” Option.
If it’s ON then turn it “Off” and your Samsung Galaxy S6 is no longer check for automatic updates or Check for new Android firmware updates.

Check this video to Enable Disable Automatic Software Firmware Update

Clear Google Chrome Firefox History of Samsung Galaxy S7 S6 S4 S5

To clear and delete History of your SAMSUNG Galaxy follow this steps , You history is saved in your Phone browser so what ever browser you are using use steps accordingly.

For Default Internet Browser iT will Clear you Search History Data

From the home screen, tap Internet.
Tap Settings.
Tap Privacy.
Tap Delete personal data.
Tap to tick the required options.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Google Chrome

Open the Chrome app Chrome app.
Tap More More and then Settings. Under “Advanced,” tap Privacy and then Clear browsing data.
At the top, tap the dropdown under “Clear data from the.”
Choose a time period, such as past hour or past day. To delete everything, select beginning of time.
Select the types of information you want to remove.
Tap Clear data.

Clear you Browsing History Data in Firefox

Open App > Go to the History panel on your home screen.
Tap on Clear browsing history at the bottom of the History panel.
Tap OK to confirm.