Htc U11 Frozen Stuck on Htc Screen

HTC also have an issue related to screen, If your Htc U11 stuck on HTC screen then there are some ways which can help you get out from this situation, what you need to do is to follow below points carefully and you can easily solve this type of problems. Best suggestion is Restart your… read more »

Helium Backup and Its Location Where Is Android App Data Stored

If you are using helium then your data is stored on your phone but in hidden format and you cannot find location of those data using your phone before we continue further let’s discuss what is helium What is Helium Helium is the backup solution for Android dvices, It lets you backup your apps and… read more »

20 Useful ShortCodes to Test Android Mobile Phones and Devices

There are lot of Android Shortcodes which you can try to Open anything directly , But don’t use this codes if you are not aware of these because this may also slow or stop your phones. Below Code will Display Phone information Battery information Battery history Usage statistics Wifi information *#*#4636#*#* This code can be… read more »

Call Notification Automatically Changes to Vibrate Mode Nougat Update

If you are getting problem on Incoming call notification automatically changes to vibrate mode after nougat update then you can resolve this problem by following below solution. Many user started getting issue what when user are talking on there phone and get any notification arrives, it vibrates After Nougat Update every notification vibrates and to… read more »

Automatically Delete History of Chrome Firefox in Android

There is a very simple trick which you need to use if you don’t want to delete history Automatically in Chrome Just visit Sites in INCOGNITO WINDOW . Check below image when you exit this browser all history will be deleted To Automatically Delete History in Firefox Android This option automatically deletes your selected data… read more »

Meaning of whatsapp Emoticons Smileys and Emoji

Want to know real meaning of whatsapp emotions and smileys then get detail meaning in below image , We are sharing this with you because many user dont know what is the real meaning of basic smileys.

Huawei Nexus 6P Full Review Pros and Cons

Huawei NEXUS 6p is no doubt a good phone , but every phone have some pros and cons , so we are listing some pros and cons but before we share this we will share some key feature of this phone. Key Features of Nexus 6P Special Edition Android v6 (Marshmallow) OS 12.3 MP Primary… read more »

Gionee Marathon M5 Full Review Pros and Cons

Firstly i would like to thank Gionee for bringing such a wonderful smartphone.This is a value for your hard earned money.I brought this phone 2 days back and i am very much satisfied. Finally my wait for a good smartphone with reasonable budget ended. PROS and CONS of Gionee MARATHON M5 PROS 1. As name… read more »

User Review Samsung Galaxy On7 Pros and Cons

I was looking to buy new phone for my wife and this is the best thing I did.She is super happy and me too 🙂 Here is product review. Pros of Samsung Galaxy On7 Price, yes you get really value for money deal.Excellent build quality Light weight compare to other bulky motorola, asus etc Slim… read more »