How to Disable Ads for Mobile/Tablet Devices in Adwords

If you are adword client and promoting your product using adword then you must know that by default google adword will target mobile and tablet user and if you want to remove or disable ads showing to mobile or tablet then you need to disable this from adword setting.

To do this Go to Campaigns> Settings > Devices > Bid Adjustment and Decrease Bid for mobile or tablet devices by 100% by doing so your bid will become 0 for these devices and your ads will not show on these devices.


Hope this works for you

How to Search Attachment Zip Pdf Img Files in Gmail

If you are looking for a trick to find all your attachment email with file format then you can do this easily by using simple keyword that we are are sharing with you.

Try search using keyword has:attachment file name , for example if you are looking for Pdf or Zip file then search

  • has:attachment pdf or
  • has:attachment zip

if you search gmail using above format then you can find any  file in your gmail.In same way you can search gmail for different things like file size or :starred email like

  • has:yellow-star to search all email with yellow star
  • has:red-star to search all email with red star

In same way you can also search all your unread email using below code

  • is:unread to find all unread emails

There are lot of such tricks if you know any other gmail search tricks then share with us.



How to Recover Deleted FaceBook Page or Disabled Profile

Did you accidentally delete your Facebook Profile or your Page ? Don’t worry you can get back them easily,but facebook will take time either 48 hrs or 7 days or Maximum 30 days. Continue reading How to Recover Deleted FaceBook Page or Disabled Profile

5 Tricks to Tune Chrome and Run at Full Speed

While, in my opinion, Chrome is the fastest browser of all, with a couple of tricks you can tune even more and make the pages load and browser performance is optimal.

In this case, the tricks have to do with configurations and experimental features that are not enabled by default, but which, if activated, can achieve much better performance and speed when browsing web pages.

To access the settings under the hood of Chrome’ll use the famous chrome :/ / flags (copying and pasting it in the address bar), which must be used carefully because misconfiguration can damage something (do not worry not PC will explode (?)).

To access these settings we have two ways, one is to enter chrome :/ / flags and look for the options described below manually, or copy the part where it says “direct link to activate”, which leads directly to the option without wasting time searching.

GPU compositing on all pages

Uses GPU accelerated compositing on all pages (not just those that use GPU-accelerated layers.)
Direct link to activate: chrome :/ / flags / # force-compositing-mode-2

Composition threads

Use a secondary thread to perform the web page layout. This allows a smooth, even when the main thread does not respond.
direct link to activate: chrome :/ / flags / # threaded-compositing-mode

Ignore the list of software rendering

Ignore the software rendering list and enables GPU acceleration if the system allows it.
direct link to activate: chrome :/ / flags / # ignore-gpu-blacklist

Moving fast overflow

If possible, place the scrolling content of an element overflow displacement in a composite layer to achieve faster travel.
direct link to activate: chrome :/ / flags / # force-accelerated-composited-scrolling

SVG Filters accelerated by GPU

It uses the GPU to accelerate rendering SVG filters.
direct link to activate: chrome :/ / flags / # accelerated-filters

You know, if something goes wrong, go back to settings and turn off what you have on. And before major problems using the famous button “Restore everything to its default state” and bye problems.

What is Shared Photo Albums in FacebooK

Facebook launched shared photo albums that allow up to 50 “collaborators” and share up to 200 photos. The social network has always put great care in photo application, since a good percentage of your page views generated in the photo albums of users. Furthermore, according to the latest data released by the social network, every day up more than 350 million photos to the social network.

Up to 50 users can upload photos to a single Facebook album

Possibly the number to increase with the new functionality that the company has launched. A user can create a photo album and send invitations to their friends so they can add them to the same album pictures too. This can be very useful, for example, to create an album of holiday you have shared together.

Album Creator is the one who sets the level of privacy you want for photographs. There are three levels: public, visible to friends of the contributors to the album or can be locked so that only those who provide content to see album.

Currently, only a small group of users could use and sharing photo albums. As confirmed by the social network in the coming weeks to enable those who use the platform in English and then in a second phase, will hold its international implementation. This means you will have to wait a few months possibly for those who use social network can use Spanish.

How to Learn PHP Coding

The best way to learn any language programming is by trial and error. We have to write the code, test it, see if it works, and if it does not have to look for the error until it does. PHP Code Pad is an ideal tool for people who are learning PHP , it allows us to test the code online without installing any programs. Its use is very simple, the hardest part is to write the code: P

How to learn php coding

If anyone want to learn PHP, then PHP Code Pad extension for Chrome can be useful to them, as it is like a manual with all the features of this programming language.

450 Funny Facebook Status Updates Ideas Quotes and Likes

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