HTC One M9 Plus Review 32 GB

The phone is good, but the speaker sound sux. It’s low, missed call is unnoticeable. The bottom speaker sux maybe because of fingerprint scanner. Overall the phone is good, the camera, screen and HTC Sense 7 UI is amazing ,HTC phones are good, no doubt about that. I have owned a HTC one X. HTC handsets have better support than that samsung bloatware but their phones have been constantly criticized for low battery life. But these criticism falls on deaf ears. All I mean to say is you would expect them to at least make that variable comparable to what Google/Motorola or Samsung are offering with same price.

HTC has always focussed on certain intricate details and the M9+ is truly marvelous.
Don’t go and compare the specs to an S6 or an iPhone just for the sake of it. The user interface used by HTC (HTC Sense) is far more superior to the stock android UI or any other interface in the market. This phone just feels amazing to hold and use. a MUST BUY for HTC Lovers and people who love using a phone frequently.



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