How to Recover Deleted FaceBook Page or Disabled Profile

Did you accidentally delete your Facebook Profile or your Page ? Don’t worry you can get back them easily,but facebook will take time either 48 hrs or 7 days or Maximum 30 days.

Recover Deleted Disabled FaceBook Page

Recover or Restore Disabled Facebook Profile

Contact here if your Personal Profile was Disabled. You can also post direct request to enable your disabled facebook profile at

There are two aspects of shutting down your Facebook account.

  • There is Deactivation and full Deletion. Deactivation is simply putting your account on sleep mode where no-one can interact with it during it’s period of dormancy. However when you sign on to this account it will basically reboot it again.

If you think this may just be the case with your account, just try signing onto it with your regular details. If it’s a bummer then your account has been fully deleted.

  • Deletion is unrecoverable. A deleted account is completely erased, you’ll save yourself time and effort just to make a new account…

But why would you want to? Facebook’s awful, just like all profile sites.

Don’t be a victim to the virtual world, there’s a whole world of reality for you to explore.

The internet was created as a learning resource, so use it as one and do not substitute your social-life with a computer.


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