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Android users may have no more problem finding a open wifi with your mobile phone wherever you are. Of course, if in return are willing to see a banner ad, for example.

There is an application called YellWifi , which lets you view users a map display all wifi points that have around . The idea is that bars, restaurants, businesses and even individuals who want to work with this app, can make public that have opened their wifi to all users and, as a result, may display advertising to those that connect to your wireless network.

This way of democratizing the wifi has happened to the Spanish developer Miguel Sanz. “The idea was born out of the difficulties they had to find wifis open and receiving hefty bills for the service of roaming data, “he explains.

There are already companies that offer something similar, such as Gowex, but work with routers themselves, without using the wireless users. In addition, establishments that share typically have to pay a fee to use the service and offer free data connection to customers.

However, the proposed YellWifi is sharing the connection but also provide value, either by obtaining an income or loyalty of the customers to whom they are shown in the form of banner advertising, promotions …

At the end of the day in this case the wireless network already exists, so there is no need to add any cost for service deployment and establishments can be a good way to make geolocalizando marketing to your target audience.


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