How to Become Faster Smarter Sharper Using Food

Food are the very important factor that decide your smartness,a proper diet can improve and increase your memory level

  • Blueberries Improve or delay short term memory loss.
  • Oily fish are good for healthy brain function
  • Pumpkin seeds enhance memory and thinking skills.
  • Broccoli improve brain power , because it is a great source of vitamin K
  • Nuts helps to prevent cognitive decline.
  • Sage help in improving memory.
  • Wholegrains keeps you mentally alert throughout the day because it release glucose in your bloodstream.

In case we miss any food that  then share with us in comment section

How to Become Smarter Using Foods

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  • Hi Vishnu,

    I agree all the food you have there except fish. Fish have Omega-3 fatty acids which we need. But I don’t have to have that to get it. Flaxseed has it too. Reason why I know that is, I wrote an article about the Power foods here:

    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.