Huawei Nexus 6P Full Review Pros and Cons

Huawei NEXUS 6p is no doubt a good phone , but every phone have some pros and cons , so we are listing some pros and cons but before we share this we will share some key feature of this phone.

Key Features of Nexus 6P Special Edition

  • Android v6 (Marshmallow) OS
  • 12.3 MP Primary Camera
  • 8 MP Secondary Camera
  • 4G LTE (Cat 6)
  • 5.7 inch Touchscreen
  • 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 64-bit Octa Core Processor
  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • RAM: 3 GB LPDDR4

Experience so far:

1. Buttery smooth interface
2. AMOLED and Samsung tell-tale signs on the display.
3. Slightly heavy, the phone is long, not as wide as Nexus 6.
4. Using it for Corporate Exchange Mail and host of other Corporate tools.
5. Online Shopping Clients all activated.
6. Camera quality considerably improved but no frills.
7. Good solid sound output.
8. Cool finger print sensor. Can record multiple finger prints from both hands.
9. Enjoying the extra powerful Battery. For the first time, with all that configuration (above) and mail syncs, phone was still showing battery reserve next day.
10. Rapid charging rocks!
11. 4G LTE works fine so far. LTE write/logo came up when it got connected to 4G

Feeling uneasy about:

1. Phone gets hot (39C) after heavy usage (no Games). Not an immediate concern, need to use it further. Slightly warm while charging, which is normal I guess.
2. Youtube Videos showing how we can bend it easily and break.
3. Call quality seems to be a bit low, again need to use it more to understand certain experiences are consistent or is it just the stabilization period.
4. The quality of packing from vendor was not at par for a 40+K phone. In fact, for a moment I thought whether some foul play was involved. I found some dust elements inside the packing as this was not a solid sealed packing like previous Nexus phones (can go back to Nexus 4 – the packing was real good, immediately felt like new). Plz note that this is Vendor packaging that I am criticising, Flipkart’s packing was spot on! Product is of Nov 2015 date and imported 11, 2015. Was worried after reading Nexus9 reviews, many had complained of old stock.

Keep in Mind:

1. Type C charger. It comes with type C to normal USB cable too. Rapid charging is only with the original adapter. USB connection to Computer only allowed slow charging.
2. The phone showed up on my Win10 after connecting through TypeC – USB cable, but that’s all…couldn’t access any folders as nothing showed up.
3. Phone is encrypted but I was able to copy selective data and files from my Nexus4 to 6P using Google Drive, File Manager, Bluetooth. NFC, though got connected, was of not much use. Used SMS Backup/Restore for moving SMS-es to 6P from 4. Didn’t opt for full data transfer as my Nexus4 was encrypted with Corporate config and I wanted to start afresh on 6P.
4. Connect to Wifi after first boot, it downloads System Update.
5. SAR: Now it is at 1.18 (earlier we used to get Body and head SAR readings)
It is a beast but not a beast. Note5 and S6 Edge beats this guy hands down! But I am Android Purist and didn’t feel like throwing another 10-14K for Samsung and it’s blend of android. Don’t think that 4GB RAM of Note5 is very tempting, the actual consumption of the system must be good enough to demand 4GB. Yes, split window is enticing but I am not doing that kind of work on my smartphone. I have my Yogas, Tablets and Desktops.

I am glad that Nexus legacy is back with fury. If you are not a purist you might want to stick to other vendors at much lesser price. Pure Android has many advantages and no debate about that. I am using Spigen Rugged Arrmor (Black) phone cover and FOSO tempered glass (9H) with 99.99% clarity for screen protection. The free cover from Huawei is pretty much useless.

For 6P went with Spigen. I actually wanted the military grade cover from Google store but it is unavailable. Anyway, Spigen cover has the number 1 rating for 6P so far.
Updt (4/12/15): Got the car on NICE road. Total distance of 130Kms, 5 hours, 6P was 40% of the time exposed to direct Sunlight. 5 calls and continuous mail sync-up in the background with 6 incoming messages. The phone survived with battery life present to navigate me safely back home. Didn’t hook it up to Car charger since I am yet to buy the Type C-USB adapter. The phone was hot but, surprisingly not that hot after this ordeal. Had some trouble with Google Maps, at times the data sync-up was not fast enough, especially when the car was doing 145-150kmph and then rapidly slowing down for a turn. There were some problem with directional orientation, almost as if the Compass got it wrong, instead of “left” it would say “right”. Kind of consistent but okay most of the time. Perhaps I should re-do the orientation again.

Xt Bat: Tried my Anker 2nd Gen. Astro3 12800mah and plugged in the 6P. It didn’t do fast charge but Anker having PowerIQ did help a bit. Usually Anker would do fast charge, real fast, on iPads, USB Smartphones but not to 6P to that extent.


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