Google Android Tool to Find Your Lost and Deleted Information

Sometimes we have the misfortune of losing the phone or we stolen, but luckily today and there are all sorts of tools to find stolen Android quite easily. The good news is that Google was thinking about that and offer a new tool that will allow us to locate our lost Android and even erase the information.

This tool offers three main functions:

  • Geographically locate our device.
  • Delete all information.
  • Make the phone ring.

These functions are very useful because, in case you lose your phone in our house (something that happens to everyone), we can make the ringtone sound so you can find it. In the case of stolen or we lose him and do not know where it is, we can locate it on a map in real time. And if we have no way to recover it, go to the third option, which will delete all information.

This new tool we installed “automatically” during this month and can be found in Settings -> Security -> Device Manager .


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