Create or Free up Space on your Samsung Xiaomi Mobile phone

This Tutorial will Add more space to your Android Phones Internal Memory as well as External Memory

If you are facing problem-related to phone memory or space in you’re any android phones like Samsung Xiaomi then this tutorial and tips will help you out in solving the problem relates to your phone’s space.

Remove Unnecessary Android Apps

A Very first step you need to do is to remove all useless apps on your phone that are eating your phone memory, this will generate a lot of space in your mobile phone.

Store your Photos and Video in Cloud

There are many free cloud apps like Google drive and Dropbox which you can use to save your photos and videos in the cloud and once it is stored then delete those data from your phone, It will generate a lot of space, because photos and videos eat a lot of phone memory.

Clear Cache from All Apps

Make sure clearing cache will remove all saved data from your phone, so clear cache from only those apps which is not important to you Like facebook, twitter, Instagram and all other social network apps. They eat a lot of battery and memory, you can clear the cache of this apps by going to setting > manage apps > click apps and > click > clear cache. You can also Download App Cache Cleaner android app to clear cache from your Phones.

Move Apps To Your SD Card

If your Apps have SD card then try to move your apps to SD card to created more internal memory, If you don’t have SD card then use above 3 Steps to free up space or memory on your phone.

This Steps will also Fix “Insufficient Storage Available” Error On Android Phones

This error comes when device does not have enough storage space to install and execute the app and you need to remove some apps to create some space in order to avoid this error

Dump State Clearance

Dial *#9900# This will give access to the SysDump menu, Tap on Delete Dumpstate/logcat button and confirm by tapping on OK
Tap on Exit which is located at the bottom of the menu.

Note – It will also delete all your call logs and message logs This will also delete your bookmarks which are saved in your phone. Different phone act in a different way .

You can also create space in your phone by transferring files photos and videos in your pc/desktop

Create or Free up Space on your Samsung Xiaomi Mobile phone


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