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Facebook Crazy status messages or updates make the interaction interesting.Our collected Crazy facebook status messages help to appear interesting so, make your fb status different from the others

…just found out that my life is based on a true story….

omg the green monkeys just ate the purple gummy bears that were stopping the red unicorns from attacking the little blue people its a disaster

It’s tough being the only Fruit Loop inside a box of Cheerios

Me & my best friend will be the ones races down the hall in nursing homes saying I’m gonna beat you! =D (that’s how we roll)

wonders why everyone thinks I’m crazy? Have you all met my family?

Woke up more pissed off than a fat midget with an itchy ass!

If u come up to me and u see me smiling with duck tape in my hand and i said “just the person I wanted to see!” RUN FOR UR LIFE!!

i love how when you see your friend at the grocery store and they say “what are you doing hear!?” and it’s like “Oh nothing just hunting elephants. The usual.”

HEY! Hey, you! No. NO. Not you, the girl in front of you you! No..wait. NO! BESIDE YOU! YES! I got a question… Did you know you were born on your birthday!?

If you think I’m crazy, raise your hand. Now, rethink my friend. How am I the crazy one? Your the one raising your hand in front of a computer screen!

Why doesn’t everyone have one of these white jackets? They’re so fashionable and it’s obvious a loving person made these because you hug yourself all day!

Well its official, i have just been driven crazy, so if i start doing unusual things…don’t be alarmed!

people stop sending me farm-ville invites,or ill go to your farm burn your crops and kill your animals

press “like” if u think I’m crazy and then tell y

370HSSV 0773H read that upside down

if you see me start to smile for no reason you shouldn’t be asking why you should already be running away

says “All aboard the CRAZY train!~ Choo! Choo!.. next stop: the Asylum”

Whenever someone says you can’t get blood from a stone I prove them wrong and whack them in the head with a big f***in rock! Don’t argue with crazy people..

I’m always on status shuffle so I guess EVERY DAY I’M SHUFFLING !

Yes, you are mad. Completely bonkers, in fact. But do you want to know a secret? All the best people are.

life is full of crazy people that’s why I’m friends with most of them

Attention everyone who has ever called me crazy, weird, nuts or psycho. I PREFER UNIQUE! Please make a mental note for future reference.

People always say I’m quiet when they first meet me. What they DON’T know is that I’m actually deciding whether or not I like them with the voices in my head.

Alot of stuff will happen when pigs learn how to fly.

when people throw skittles at me and yell “taste the rainbow,” i throw a chicken burrito back and yell “think outside the bun!”

is innocent. As far as you know.

thinks there is nothing wrong with dancing to your own tune… even if it is being hummed by the voices in your head

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