Check Radiation Level of Your Mobile Phones SAR Value

There are Few Important Points to be considered before you buy any Mobile phone because Mobile phone can also cause Health related problems, I hope you all are aware that phone also cause Radiation, so try to ignore phone as much as possible.

You can find any phone radiation from SAR Value, of radiationSAR (specific absorption rate), is an indication oof radiation that is absorbed into a head whilst use a cellular phone The lower the SAR ratings the better it is for health, Maximum limit of SAR value is 1.6 W/Kg.

  • Maintain at least 10mm distance between its phones and the body.Phones radiate highest when connecting to cellular towers
  • Dual SIM phones can lead to 1.6X times more radiation than single SIM phones, carrying two cell phones increase radiation intensity by 200%.

How to Check Radiation Level of Your Phones

Check Radiation level in terms of SAR of your Mobile phone by dialing a USSD code*#07#, if results show SAR below 1.6 watts per kilogram (1.6 W/kg) then it is OK otherwise you are advised to change your smartphone immediately.

  • Try to avoid keeping cell in pocket or close to body when not used for long
  • When signal reception is low, try not to call or continue speaking for a long time.When the signal is low, the phone increases transmission power which can be harmful.
  • When phone connect with tower then radiation power is high so use speaker when phone is ringingĀ 


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