Challenge Accepted in Facebook With Black White Picture/Photo

Why are People Posting their Black and White Photos on Social Media

Many people in facebook are posting black & white picture with a tag line “challenge accepted” , many of you are confused how and what is this for and how people are doing this , Now answer is

Facebook is not doing this and just like facebook fake privacy news it is another type of fun stuff spread by one user to another and one by one this is going viral , this is a new thread by Facebook user just like they had temporary profile picture thing ” this is the same exact thing where people are posting black and white profile pictures with the tag line ” challenge excepted”

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  • You will also get notification when any of your friend challenge you for this and people will post there pic it message Challenge Accepted.User are doing this with message “challenge accepted” by tagging one user in that photos .

    challange accepted

    If you want to do it then do it just by uploading a black and white pic with message “challenge accepted” to any of your random friend in facebook.

    Facebook Challenge Accepted Message By Friends

    Ok The DARE game-Person who likes or comments on my black & white photo must upload their #black & white photo# dedicating atleast for 24 hours..! NOTE: When someone comments or likes your photo send this message to him/her. You must do it. Don’t break it’s a game. NOTE: Black and white photo challenge….! I’m nominating u for this photo challenge so post ur black and white photo on your timeline… If u dare accept my challenge..! Just do it


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