Best Phones to Watch Movies and TV Shows

There was a day when a mobile phone was used to make calls and send text messages. But that day passed, and now technological advances have allowed many other functions concentrate on a touch device where we could go without making calls to use. The devices have increasingly larger screens and functions that blur the boundary between the smartphone from the computer. So much did this get to the smart phones of today’s generation have advanced from the left to the wastage netbooks, those small-sized laptops that as many analysts have bitten the dust pressured by tablets .

What do we need a terminal with so powerful and so broad front? We could spend many utilities for the head, but certainly the option to use the smartphone as a platform to enjoy audiovisual content would be one that tops the list. In this sense, not only interest that we have a phone with generous panel, processor and solvents good memories (ROM and RAM) . The operation of the integrated player , as well as the connection profile will be points to keep in mind if you’re looking for is a phone that becomes a faithful squire to watch movies and series with good quality . So, overall, we could establish a selection of equipment that, at this point, seem to me particularly interesting in this regard.

Android is the platform that focuses more interested in what to offer phones that conform to this pattern is concerned. And within this section, Samsung calls for special attention. The Samsung Galaxy S4 , Galaxy S3 , Note and Note 2 are, for obvious reasons, most notable teams. And if you know why it is so obvious, it suffices to review the criteria that demonstrate the interest of a terminal for its potential as a platform for audio-visual entertainment and how these devices make a splash. They replicate a broad range of formats, including DivX and MKV , which guarantee us the ability to watch videos in high definition -of those we can download from the Internet -. Similarly, the compatibility profile audio codecs is very complete.

Of course, this is terminal screens high definition very broad, ranging from the 4.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S3 to the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2-720p and 1080p, depending on the model- . Furthermore, in all cases we signed powerful technical staff, RAM one to two GB and connectivity options that allow you to launch the signal to a TV ready -or an external media player like a PS3 or a computer equipped with software necessary, either through HDMI adapter or using wireless profiles , as AllShare or standard DLNA -.
Best Phones to Watch Movies and TV Shows
Even the first Samsung Galaxy S first generation, with its panel of four inches and 800 x 480 pixel resolution holds the type in this line. Nevertheless, at this point, it is the most appropriate and recommended. It would be much more interesting to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Mega , vocation teams with medium or medium-high-will have on the large screens facing major arguments seduce users who want to have on your smartphone a generous window viewing movies and series.

We must not lose sight of a couple of very interesting itineraries in this line: the proponents firms Huawei and ZTE Chinese . Both manufacturers have introduced this year that devices have to be taken into consideration if you are looking phones screens are large in size. We talked about the Huawei Ascend Grand ZTE Memo Mate. Both teams have panels 6.1 and 5.7 inches, respectively, and although less dense compared to the competition, that is, the relationship between resolution and size is smaller, and are more cumbersome, those seeking to approach the border between the smartphone of the tablet will be a proposal on these devices worth taking into account.

And all this with regard to Android . But what about Windows Phone? system Microsoft is capitalized attention from a firm, the Finnish Nokia . Other manufacturers also proposed its options for this ecosystem, among which HTC . But if we want a good team to watch movies and videos, the 4.5-inch HD resolution of the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 925 will be an excellent proposals. The latter has not yet reached the stores, but you know it will be a model that apparently improve on that. Unfortunately, these models do not directly recognize videos MKV , so it is necessary to use converters.

And before talking about the iPhone 5 , we refer to the BlackBerry Z10 . The smartphone formerly known as RIM -smartphone and talk, and not the “last” smartphone-provides a great player behavior as movies and series. The software recognizes native who has great multitude of formats, including DivX and MKV , offering a good experience with audio codecs. By having integrated output HDMI can be understood as a very good platform portable media. However, even if the screen has a high quality, there whom he wants something small compared to the rest of the market supply.
Best Phones to Watch Movies and TV Shows
As for the high-end Apple , we know the policy of the firm. As with Windows Phone , everything has to go through the desktop application company – iTunes in one case, Zune or Windows Phone Connector on the other. Of course, none of formats suspected of being pirated. Although the use of converters, and even applications obtained from the repository of Cydia after having unlocked the phone via jailbreak , we can pull the chestnuts out of the fire, ultimately we have a couple of problems: the screen and connectivity. If we at home or in the office with the ecosystem of products Apple , there will be problems: AirPlay we can be a great ally to play the video of the iPhone on other screens. Otherwise, we will have more complicated. As for the panel, four inches today can be seen as insufficient for a high end if it comes to using the phone as a stand for watching movies and series. And especially with the proportion as landscape the iPhone 5 , which fits very well to a certain type of movies, but with the series we install a pair of black bars on the sides.


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