Android to Find Who is Tracking’ your Mobile Phone Activity

Safety is important, nobody likes to be spied and mobile terminals are a tool to spy on us.  Some developers are using applications to help users control over access to their smartphones, so an application called Who is tracking track all those apps .

Who is tracking is ideal for malware and also for those apps that install some manufacturers default. About the performance, I commented that is simple, after installation, the application is to work to make a scan through the various apps and processes taking place in the Android terminal. If you detect a conflict, alerted by an alert and provides the appropriate information.

Who is tracking well to clean some records, such as the GPS positions. As for the price, do not worry, Who is tracking is a free application that is available on Google Play, but note that it also has a paid version that adds some extra function. Not a bad idea to try the free and if want to have a fuller buy the pay, is not it?

Source: Google Play


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